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In a world filled with boundless opportunities, space travel stands as a testament to human innovation and the insatiable quest for knowledge. Witness the incredible growth of the space travel industry, fueled by unending fascination, and discover the vast resources that awaits us beyond earth’s atmosphere. Let’s boldly venture into the universe, shaping a sustainable future for generations to come.

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STS Vision

Building an ecosystem in the space travel industry that sustain future innovation through an inclusive market by empowering existing stakeholders and introducing new key players who can make the future of space development brighter and stronger.

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STS Mission

Using the new gaps resulting from commercial space industry growth as opportunities and valid entry points for nations with the highest potential yet struggle with the lack off accessibility due to the commonly known exclusivity of space sector.

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STS Community

A diverse constellation of individuals, startups, industry affiliates, experts, government representatives, academia specialists, regulators, and more. Join forces with government sectors, private entities, academic institutions, space agencies, organizations, media outlets, students, and environmental advocates. Together, we chart the course for a unified exploration into the vast realms of space travel.

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